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Fresh, thin base pizzas

Pizza Margherita (v) - £7.95
Cheese and tomato

Pizza Peperoni - £9.50
Cheese, tomato and spicy italian sausages

Pizza Inferno - £10.95
Cheese, tomato, spicy italian sausages, chilli and peperoni

Pizza al Crudo - £10.95
Cheese, tomato and thin slices of parma ham

Pizza Quattro Stagioni - £10.95
Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, artichokes, ham and salami

Pizza Tonne - £10.95
Cheese, tuna, tomato and red onion

Pizza Con Pollo e Mais - £10.95
Cheese, tomato, chicken and sweetcorn

Pizza Cotte e Funghi - £9.95
Cheese, tomato, ham and mushrooms

Pizza Pulcinella - £10.95
Spicy chicken, red onions, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, gherkins and chillies

Pizza Cabana - £9.95
Cheese, tomato, ham and pineapple

Pizza Caprese (v) - £10.95
Cheese, tomato, baby mozzarella and basil

Pizza Calzone - £10.95
Stuffed pizza envelope with cheese, tomato, mushroom, ham and

Pizza Pulcinella Calzone - £12.95
Stuffed pizza envelope with cheese, tomato, peppers, garlic, chilli,pepperoni and chicken